Speaker-to-Customers' Corner

I've taken down almost all my BtVS and AtS fanfic; perhaps I'll put it back up one day but I doubt it.

For Buffy fanfic by Curious Wombat click HERE

For the historical “Tales of the Slayer” story “The Cloak of Mist” click HERE or on the banner image; for the historical fantasy story “Days of No Trust”, which is original fiction and not connected with any existing fandoms, click HERE.

Cloak of Mist by Deathisyourart

Greetings from Speaker-to-Customers, the only Kzin to have successfully adapted to Earth customs. I might be an nine foot tall sentient carnivore covered in orange fur; but I work in the Call Centre of a major UK bank's Offshore operations, and none of the customers I speak to ever suspect that I am not human. Or at least if they do they don't say anything.

This used to be a Buffy the Vampire SlayerTM fan site but no longer; I don't have time to code stories and they were getting so far behind that it seemed pointless keeping the site going for anything other than image storage and my few original works. For my Buffyverse and Stargate stories you need to go to my page at Twisting the Hellmouth.